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Customs Administration Modernization Program (CAMP):
Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

In pursuit of economic reform and increased trade, Jordan possesses unique characteristics as a Middle Eastern country with limited natural resources, relying primarily on trade to fuel its desire for growth.   Jordan often depends on regional cooperation and external resources to assist with limited water supply, petroleum resources, and manufactured goods.  While the country is in proximity of regional unrest, being just east of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and allowing Palestinians to seek refuge in the Arab Kingdom, there is still much potential and capacity to reform Jordan’s economic deficiencies to improve the standard of living for Jordanians nationwide.

As assessed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Jordan is deemed as a country that is ruling justly, investing in its people, and encouraging economic freedom.  However, it also inherits policy deficiencies in the areas of Political Rights, Civil Liberties, Voice and Accountability, Cost of Starting a Business, Trade Policy, and Fiscal Policy.  Namely, Jordan also has experienced difficulty with trade facilitation because of its need for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its customs system.  When measured against the MCC indicators, Jordan scores below the median for Lower-Middle Income countries in Trade Policy.  Jordan’s trade policy score reflects the document requirements and resulting delays that importers and exporters face at the border.  As traders progress from one government agency representative to the next seeking signatures and submitting documentation, they face a series of delays resulting from manual processing of applications, unclear policies and procedures, or limited information sharing between agencies.

In response to this problem, the MCC undertook several programs in Jordan to strengthen local councils at the municipal level, integrate a customs administration modernization program, and improve ratings with specific policy interventions and legislative changes.  Essentially, the goal for Jordan is to improve its Trade Policy score by implementing a streamlined single-window facility, upgrading information technology (IT) infrastructure, strengthening the capacity of customs officials, and improving relations with the private sector through a communications campaign.  This project, known as the Customs Administration Modernization Program (CAMP), as administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with Jordan Customs and conducted by ARD, Inc. will assist the Government of Jordan in fulfilling this goal over the next two years.

MetaMetrics Inc. subcontracted to ARD, Inc. is providing technical assistance for the development and implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.  Leo T. Surla, Jr., President of MMI, and Mr. James Purcell, both of whom are Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists, worked with CAMP officials and other Project Staff to define and expand on performance indicators and to develop procedures that support the collection and analysis of outputs, outcomes, and program descriptive information as related to work plan activities. MetaMetrics Inc. specialists have served as objective and independent agents by compiling and analyzing the collected database and conducting data quality reviews on selected information elements.

The performance monitoring and evaluation of technical assistance for this project has required a unique approach for indicators and information collection.  MetaMetrics Inc. addressed the following: Concepts/Strategies/Plans, Amending of Laws and Regulations, Public Information Campaigns, Printed/Electronic Materials, Translations, and Software/Database Design.  Gender considerations are also important to this project with respect to how different stages of performance and progress include and depict women.  Technical support will be provided by MetaMetrics for the analysis of the collected M&E database and the writing of the first year and final Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Reports.

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