Planning, Research, and Evaluation


MetaMetrics has extensive experience in Afghanistan over the past three years.  Projects included the provision of technical assistance on the Performance Monitoring Plan of the Afghan Rule of Law (ROL)–Formal Program and also the Mid-Term Evaluation of the ROL Program.  MetaMetrics conducted the Year One Evaluation of the Afghanistan Economic Governance and Growth Initiative (EGGI). Following the evaluation and building upon the findings and conclusions, a MetaMetrics team developed the Year Two EGGI M&E Plan. Afghan project efforts also included the development the Work Plan for the Parliamentary Assistance Program conducted by the State University of New York.  
Important work was also conducted for the USAID Mission in Afghanistan.  MetaMetrics provided the DG specialist who participated on the Checchi and Company Consulting team that developed the USAID Performance Management Plan 2011-2015 and also on the Checchi team for USAID Data Quality Assessments.

For Checchi, MetaMetrics provided the M&E Specialist who recommended next steps to develop and implement a system of performance information collection and analysis for the District and Provincial levels to report to the Regional Command – East, RC(E).  Incorporated were elements of the approved Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional Stabilization Strategy, the United States Government Integrated Civilian – Military Campaign Plan for Support to Afghanistan, the USAID/Afghanistan Post Performance Management Plan 2011-2015, and other stabilization and long-term development materials to guide security, reconstruction, and development interventions.

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