Kenya Public Procurement System Reform

This four-year effort was implemented in close cooperation with the Kenyan Public Procurement Oversight Authority, Public Procurement Advisory and Administrative Review Boards. A MetaMetrics Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist worked with the Millennium Challenge Corporation project staff to develop the Performance Monitoring Plan and the basic approach for implementing performance monitoring and evaluation procedures. MetaMetrics reviewed the collected database, assessing data quality, conducting evaluation analysis with Project staff, and wrote the first year Performance Monitoring Plan Report. At the conclusion of the project period, MetaMetrics analyzed the collected performance information database for completing the final Performance Monitoring Plan Report under MCC financing. USAID/Kenya, based upon the documented performance of the project, financed the anti-corruption effort for an additional two years.

Client USAID/Kenya

Partner ARD

Areas Evaluation, Monitoring, Anticorruption, Customs Reform

Date 2007 – 2009