We are living during a time of massive digital change. People now have anywhere, anytime access to computing, and have come to expect systems to work seamlessly across channels, whether they seek services in person, over the phone, through a website, or via a mobile device.

Digital transformation at the organizational level is driven by the need for programs to deliver greatly improved IT services much faster, much more reliably, and at much lower cost. The government move towards Agile development is part of the attempt to achieve this. Furthermore, good project management requires reliable data that are collected, analyzed, and visualized in a way that answers key questions.

Digital strategy is a key component of MetaMetrics’ technology approach. We help clients discover and understand where technologies can best serve their program’s objectives. We engage with them to design and implement excellent, cost-effective services and systems that work consistently across channels. We develop practical IT components that support project monitoring, evaluation, and management. We also support change management for customer-centered service design through training and process improvement.