The goal of public-sector programming is to provide real benefits to constituents and to the government employees and policymakers who serve them.

Therefore, rather than leading with a solution, MetaMetrics collaborates with our clients using methodologies for people-centered programming. Together, we discover truths and design the best possible program solutions.

We don’t go in knowing the answers; we go in knowing how to figure them out.

User Engagement

Engagement encompasses user research, usability, and a wide range of other investigatory activities that are all aimed at finding out what will work for the people who will use your program, services, or systems.

Information Architecture

IA is the discipline of designing information environments that are understandable and usable, and solve people’s information-related problems. It’s about seeing the big picture and also dealing with the parts. It includes thinking strategically about client goals, technologies, and user needs, and producing artifacts to construct digital systems and other information environments.

Content Strategy

This tactical and strategic process focuses on content planning, creation, delivery, and governance. A content strategy considers all types of information and experiences expressed through a medium, including speech, writing, images, and other forms of art.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is a research-based methodology for guiding program development and decision making. It aims to achieve a deep understanding of your customers’ experience – from their point of view.

Design Thinking

Design thinking enables program teams to leverage a suite of creative tools and methods to find and solve the right problems. Starting with an hypothesis, through prototyping, testing, and refinement, the team converges from many possible solutions to the best one.