Research, evaluation, and analysis are our prime methodologies for helping clients make decisions and solve problems.

Through systematic and targeted monitoring and evaluation, we enable our clients to uncover insights into the performance of their programs and projects, and improve them.

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Participatory Evaluation

MetaMetrics is at the leading edge of developing and applying Participatory Evaluation. By leveraging design thinking and user-centered approaches, we help clients get it right by engaging the most knowledgeable experts – the staff who run the programs and the people who are meant to benefit.

Logical Framework, Noah's Ark example. Adapted from Managementpro.com, Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams by Terry Schmidt, John Wiley & Sons, 2009.

Logical Framework

The Logical Framework (or Logframe) is a methodology for designing, monitoring, and evaluating undertakings. MetaMetrics staff have used this tool in international and U.S. federal projects. The Logframe helps clients identify the key elements that will support program success, including the measures by which it will be monitored.