Integrating UX into Agile: A Workshop

11/30/18, UX Digital Summit, Guadalajara, Mexico

For all its strengths, Agile is not inherently a user-centered method. Fortunately, through experimentation and persistence, UXers in different organizational environments and development cultures have devised a number of ways to bring users into the heart of product and service design.

In this hands-on workshop, we will explore a range of UX-centric approaches. These include Sprint Zero/Design Sprint, Embedded UX, Dual-Track Agile, and Lean UX. We will also discuss the possibilities for other, even more user centered strategies. Participants will assess their own project settings, the UX and Agile maturity of their organizations, and goals and challenges in integrating UX in his and her specific circumstances.

Working in teams, participants will design customized plans of action and present them to the group. These plans and pitches will serve as the minimum viable products (MVPs) of the workshop.