We apply proven, state-of-the-art methodologies to deliver effective project planning, evaluation, and implementation assistance.

MetaMetrics is a veteran-owned small business. For more than 40 years we’ve assisted clients in the U.S. and abroad define and achieve their program goals in political and economic expression, engagement, innovation, and fulfillment.


MetaMetrics' staff and associates have deep and relevant subject matter expertise needed to address the issues facing our clients. These include emerging technologies, citizen-centered e-government, rule of law, economic reform, and democracy and governance.

Leo T. Surla, Jr.


Stacy Merrill Surla

Vice President


MetaMetrics’ human-centered, participatory approach puts people at the heart of each effort.

Client and user participation are integral to our process, engaging the most knowledgeable experts – the people doing the work, and the people who benefit from it.

By strengthening team capabilities and uncovering solutions to real program challenges and user needs, clients are able to deliver excellent outcomes for constituencies, counterparts, project staff, and other stakeholders.



Research, evaluation, and analysis are our prime methodologies for helping clients make decisions and solve problems. Through systematic and targeted monitoring and evaluation, we enable our clients to uncover insights into the performance of their programs and projects, and improve them. Participatory Evaluation MetaMetrics is at the leading edge of developing and applying Participatory Evaluation. By leveraging design thinking and user-centered approaches, we help clients […]


Planning activities begin with an understanding of key program objectives and background, and include a strategic approach to digital technologies as components of program success. Drawing on inputs from our research, evaluation, and analysis activities, MetaMetrics develops plans in collaboration with stakeholders. Planning work is supported by strong staff recruitment and team building, work plan management, project direction, backstopping, procurement, and administration.


We deliver technical services by standing up project teams and embedding staff in programs. Project implementation ranges from discrete assignments (fielding a team for a feasibility study), medium-scale tasks (development and launch of websites and IT systems), to comprehensive, large-scale efforts (designing and carrying out regional, multi-year projects). To work effectively with distributed teams across multiple time zones, MetaMetrics uses collaboration tools that leverage modern […]


Our human-centered, participatory approach puts people at the heart of each project.


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Customer Experience Innovation in the Public Sector

Customer Experience Innovation in the Public Sector

9/12/18, IBM Studios, Washington, D.C. Stacy Surla joins a panel of CX leaders in government and industry to share stories about new and innovative approaches in reaching citizens and delivering on Customer Experience and Voice-of-the-Customer programs.

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Ethics and IA: A Scenario Creation Tool for Ethical Design

Ethics and IA: A Scenario Creation Tool for Ethical Design

9/20/18, UXDC, Washington, D.C. How can we know if we’re designing ethically? What unintended consequences could result from our decisions? What can we do to maximize good and minimize harm in digital product design? These urgent questions were addressed over 4 days at the Academics and Practioners Roundtable at the 2018 IA Summit. One result was the development of a prototype for guiding teams in […]

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