Planning, Research, and Evaluation

Welcome to MetaMetrics Inc

MetaMetrics Inc. provides program planning, evaluation, and implementation services. Since 1973, MetaMetrics has delivered technical assistance in the U.S. and in over thirty foreign nations for state, federal, and non-profit agencies and private companies. This small business, minority-owned firm is incorporated in the District of Columbia. Meta signifies "beyond" and Metrics relates to "measurement." MetaMetrics goes beyond measurement to develop, present, and implement innovative program options for managers and policy makers.

Our current work is in developing countries and in countries in transition around the world. MetaMetrics' engagement in the areas of Rule of Law, Economic Reform, and Democracy and Governance puts us on the forefront of exciting change in the most dynamic regions of the globe. The Project Notebook summarizes our areas of expertise and gives descriptions of our current and recent projects. Recent additions to the Project Notebook include the Nepal Rule of Law and Central Asia Trade Facilitation and Investment projects.


MetaMetrics also shares useful web sites on our Links page, which includes links to related international development web sites.

MetaMetrics applies innovative and tested methodologies to each of our project efforts. MetaMetrics is at the forefront of developing participatory methodologies for performance monitoring and evaluation of international programming. The Technical Notebook also offers summary technical data on another core evaluation methodology: the Logical Framework or Log Frame.

Good personnel are the key to winning contracts and delivering effective technical assistance. MetaMetrics recruits and cultivates the best personnel for our proposals and assignments. Current job openings and consultant opportunities to be included in upcoming proposals are presented in Career Opportunities.